Patient Testimonials

If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

Below are what some of our current and past patients have said about our office:

“I have taken both of my sons to West Central Smiles and the staff and Jeremy Johnson are always so friendly and professional. I am always informed of their progress and what they need to improve on. I would highly recommend West Central Smiles for anyone looking at any orthodontic treatment.”
— Shannon and sons Brennen and Chase

“I am so thrilled with West Central Smiles Orthodontics! Jeremy Johnson and the whole staff are exceptional. I am extremely excited about the results that I am seeing. Not very many times can someone say they can’t wait for their next appointment at the orthodontist. I look forward to mine!”
— Sandra, 42

“Great people, make it more fun to be here. Did wonders for my teeth.”
— Bailey, 16

“I like that you don’t have waiting when you come.”
— Colin, 17

“The nurses are really nice and they always are making sure that you aren’t uncomfortable.”
— Max, 16

“The ortho office is a great experience. The assistants are nice, friendly, polite, and patient. Dr Johnson is nice and walks you through the whole experience. I would recommend going to West Central Smiles.”
— Stephanie, 18

“My experience at West Central Smiles has been great. For a place that’s supposed to be scary since it has to do with braces, it is such a nice place. All the people here are so nice and tell you what’s going on so we’re not confused and helps you understand what they’re doing to help you smile better.”
— Laura, 15

“Smiles is a great place. Very kind and respectful. They really want you to have a beautiful smile!”
— Jocelyn, 16

“Great dental care, awesome atmosphere. I love my progressing smile!”
— Dustin, 21

“I wanted to thank you again for everything…. I was already glad I went ahead with the braces when I left your facility yesterday. Your staff, facility, and process were all top notch. Everyone there was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend your business to others.”
— Shane, 29